Quality approach

Our quality approach to managing the transport of your goods

The quality policy of SAS KINATRANS

The year 2018 marks a new stage in the quality approach that has been initiated since the company's creation in 2013. Our commitment is to continuously improve our organization to guarantee our customers a complete satisfaction.

The actions undertaken made it possible to set up a quality management policy. Our quality policy is the foundation of an approach oriented towards customer satisfaction and compliance with regulatory and legal requirements.

Always doing better is our constant challenge: the objectives set by KINATRANS are based on the quality of listening, advice and responsiveness. They go through a mastery of the know-how, the respect of the legislation and the absolute respect of the commitments made towards its customers and its partners.

The quality policy at SAS KINATRANS is:

  • Optimize customer satisfaction by respecting commitments;
  • Control the quality of our suppliers by setting up accreditation procedures and performance monitoring;
  • To perpetuate our society by strengthening our responsiveness;
  • Strengthen the culture of continuous improvement by analyzing the causes of our incidents and nonconformities at all levels of the company.

We are concerned about the constant satisfaction of our historical customers and with a view to offering a quality of service that meets the expectations of its new customers, SAS KINATRANS is committed to perfecting the structure and processes adapted to its quality policy.

To ensure the success of our approach, we will ensure that all stakeholders in the company adhere to the quality system and that quality policy is understood by all through meetings and management reviews.

Quality is at the heart of our services - we are committed to continuing our efforts in continuous improvement.

Tomasz Kilarski
President of SAS KINATRANS

A privileged relationship

The needs of each client are different, an interlocutor within Kinatrans is dedicated to you. This one listens to you, advises you, implements the solutions adapted to your orders.

Beyond this privileged relationship, you benefit from the attention of the team of Kinatrans, a perennial, human-sized, reactive and competent team.

Customized management

Your objectives and needs evolve over time, the quality of the dialogue maintained with your interlocutor ensures that you take into account the evolution of your needs.

Our carriers hold all mandatory licenses, documents and transport insurance.

We commit ourselves to the means necessary for the proper execution of transport and our instructions are followed in strict compliance with the regulations in force.

Preparation for ISO 9001V2015 certification

Always concerned with improving the quality of its relationship with its customers, Kinatrans is accompanied by the VIA QSE  company for the audit of the ISO 9001V2015 certification which will take place in 2019.