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Gold Medal for Man Truck Driver's Position

News of the 30/10/2020

The German Design Award 2021 recognized the Man Group for the intuitive ordering of its new trucks.

New aid from the PACA region for gas trucks

News of the 23/10/2020

The PACA region is offering aid of up to € 15,000 for the purchase of a new or used CNG truck.

A Belgian transporter is building a hotel for its drivers

News of the 16/10/2020

The transporter Van Moer Logistics is building this hotel in Kapellebrug in the Netherlands for its 430 drivers in three countries.

La Poste thanks the truck drivers

News of the 09/10/2020

To thank the truck drivers involved in the health crisis, La Poste has just released booklets of stamps that honor them.

A new Scania truck with 770 hp!

News of the 02/10/2020

The manufacturer Scania has just regained its title of the most powerful truck in the world with its new 770 S truck.

Unusual: a carrier arrested for the practice of the stroller for two years

News of the 25/09/2020

A transporter from Romania was arrested by the Dordogne gendarmerie for practicing the pushchair technique for two consecutive years.

The first Scania trucks with side detection in October

News of the 17/09/2020

Next October, the first Scania trucks will roll out of the factory equipped with the lateral detection of people and objects.

Germany: end of the exceptional authorization to drive on Sundays

News of the 09/09/2020

It is now again prohibited to cross Germany by heavy goods vehicle except in the Saarland.

A new smart tachograph is planned for the end of 2024

News of the 04/09/2020

On July 9, 2020, the European Union adopted the mobility package resulting in a new version of the tachograph for 2024.

Autonomous planes for long distance deliveries

News of the 28/08/2020

The Xwing Company is developing an autonomous piloting system for long-distance deliveries that do not have commercial flights available.

The reconstruction of the Genoa bridge is completed but questions remaining

News of the 31/07/2020

The Morandi bridge will be reopened on August 5 to motorists, stress tests are underway and construction is not being followed by experts' recommendations.

Airships for transporting goods

News of the 24/07/2020

French SME Flying Whales has just raised 30 million euros for a new airship balloon freight transport project.

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