A complicated Wednesday on the A7

News of the 20/05/2022
Traffic jams on the A7

A lorry accident caused the closure of the A7 this Wednesday in both directions from 11:30 a.m. which caused disruptions until the following morning.

At the origin of this accident, a 70-year-old motorist became unwell and began to zigzag in front of a tanker transporting carbon disulphide, a flammable and toxic solvent. The driver finally lost control of his vehicle which fell across the tracks.

A cell was set up and 110 firefighters came to the scene because the tank showed signs of weakness. This led to huge traffic jams and motorists or foreign drivers trapped on the motorway were sometimes rescued in water by motorway services.

In the evening, once the truck was cleared around 10 p.m., another accident occurred in Vienna! In short… a complicated day.

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