A driver managed to have a balance of -321 points on his license!

News of the 16/02/2023

In Spain, a young man of Armenian origin would have managed to accumulate a huge amount of offenses, which should have caused him to lose hundreds of license points, without being worried.

It looks like he exploited a loophole in Spain's centralized system, which would have left his points balance showing a negative figure of -321. This flaw has not been identified, but the fraudster would have been able to spot it and would have made a profitable business out of it by offering to pay the fines and compensate the loss of points of drivers in violation, for remuneration ranging from 75 to 200 euros per dot.

According to El Pais, this activity would have earned several tens of thousands of euros for the scammer, who is suspected of having paid the fines of more than 90 local motorists and motorcyclists, without attracting attention. The investigation began in Mallorca, where a biker called on his services.

Despite his own points losses, he would be very far from the fraudster, who would have accumulated more than 14,000 PV in France thanks to a scam on Snapchat.

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