A new Scania truck with 770 hp!

News of the 02/10/2020

The manufacturer Scania has just regained its title of the most powerful truck in the world with its new 770 S truck.

Long the holder of the title of the most powerful truck in the world, Scania was dethroned by Volvo and its 750hp DC16. But the group has just released the 770 S with its new G33CM gearbox and its V8 engine that develops 770 horsepower and a torque of 3,700 Nm.

This type of truck is used in specific activities such as for example to tow 60-ton PTRA and road trains. Demand is growing, especially in the Nordic countries, Italy and Spain.

Scania's V8 engine is compatible with renewable biofuels and has a favorable CO² balance.

© Photo Press Scania France

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