A new solution to combat fuel theft

News of the 19/05/2023

The Fuel Cap anti-theft device, developed by AddSecure, presents a versatile solution to enhance the security of heavy vehicles. By replacing the traditional tank cap, it provides advanced protection against siphoning and unauthorized opening attempts.

The Fuel Cap is equipped with opening sensors connected via Bluetooth technology to an external alarm whose sound volume reaches 125 dB. This alarm is discreetly mounted under the hood of the vehicle, thus enhancing its effectiveness. In addition, notification LEDs are integrated to provide information on tank monitoring status.

To prevent siphoning of the tank, the Fuel Cap has a protective mesh that remains active even when the cap is open. In addition, its reinforced metal wiring provides additional protection, even if the cables are exposed.

In practice, the Fuel Cap triggers an alarm as soon as the cap is opened and the vehicle's ignition is switched off, or if the wiring is damaged. However, during driver refueling, the alarm is automatically disabled for 30 minutes to provide a more convenient experience. However, the effectiveness of the Fuel Cap in case of drilling, which is a common method used by thieves, remains to be determined.

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