A site for the well-being of truck drivers

News of the 15/04/2022
Site for the health of truck drivers

The new website transportezvousbien.fr aimed at improving the health of drivers on the initiative of the prevention organization Carcept-Prev has just been launched.

This website offers advice in different areas to fight against cardiovascular health, stress, nutrition, chronic pain, etc.

Once his account has been created, the driver has access to advice videos and calls from health professionals who are partners of the site. Thus a driver testifies to the support he received for his weight loss.

“For the employee, the objective of the site is to have a precise presentation of the actions deployed by the program and a mini orientation test towards the actions most suitable for him. For the employer, the site promotes the system internally,” says Benjamin Laurent, Klesia director.

Visit transportezvous.fr for more information.

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