AddSecure study: 83% of transport companies want to switch to new engines

News of the 03/03/2023

In a recent survey conducted by AddSecure among 300 transport companies in Europe, it was found that 83% of respondents want to switch to electric vehicles (EVs) or alternative fuels for sustainability reasons and in response to the demands of the clients. However, the study also revealed four major challenges transport companies face: limited vehicle range, lack of charging points, battery weight and the high cost of EVs.

According to the survey, sustainability is the main driving factor for 26% of transport companies, while 23% said customer requirements were their main driver for moving to a sustainable fleet.

The results highlight the need for further investment in technologies and infrastructure to support the transition to sustainable fleets in Europe, in order to meet the requirements of transport companies and customer demands. Without these investments, transport companies will struggle to overcome these challenges and meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly transport solutions.

More than two-thirds (70%) of transport companies said that limited vehicle range was a significant challenge, while the lack of charging points along the roads was also a concern for more than three in five companies ( 65%). The heavy weight of batteries and the high cost of EVs were also cited as challenges by the majority (50%) of transport companies.

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