Assistance for the home-work journey: more information

News of the 22/07/2022
Fuel allowance for workers

From October if the text does not change, low-income households will receive aid to finance fuel between their home and their work.

Currently the state helps by paying 18 cents per liter on fuel, this aid will drop to 12 cents in October, then 8 cents in November to completely disappear in December.

This new aid called "fuel allowance for workers" will be added to the aid of 18 cents from October under means test. It will be between €100 and €200 depending on income, to which will be added between €50 and €100 if the person lives more than 30 km from the company, i.e. a maximum of €300.

This request must be made on the “Direction générale des finances publiques” website and the aid will be paid directly into the bank account within a few days.

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