Ban on cabotage for six months?

News of the 24/04/2020

The ORE has just asked the Secretary of State for Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebarri, to ban cabotage for six months.

Cabotage allows a European transporter, not established in France, holder of a Community license, to carry out internal transport on the national territory. The cabotage principle is defined by Regulation (EC) 1072/2009 of May 14, 2010.

But Jean-Marc Rivera, delegate general of the ORE specifies:

"European Regulation No. 93-3118 of October 25, 1993, relating to access to the road transport market, provides that in the event of a serious disturbance in the internal market, a State may request the application of this clause .

As the recovery will be slow and gradual and since the transport supply will remain higher than demand for many months, it is crucial for the survival of French transport SMEs to guarantee them a minimum activity without it being able to be captured. by foreign flags sometimes practicing social dumping. The French state must protect its businesses, this is the meaning of the safeguard clause. "

The Minister of Transport was sensitive to this proposal and has started discussions with the other European partners.

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