Belgium: increase in truck tolls

News of the 29/07/2022
Transport in Belgium

As every year on July 1 , the toll rate increases in Flanders and Brussels.

The amount of tolls is calculated according to three factors: the region of circulation, the maximum authorized total weight and the CO2 emissions of the vehicle. This year for trucks up to EURO 5, the increases vary on average according to vehicle category from 0.001 to 0.002 euros per km. Only the amount of EURO 6 is decreasing.

Thus the Flanders Ministry of Transport specifies: “Light vehicles equipped with low-polluting engines have paid less since July. We made this decision by observing that the share of the heaviest trucks in freight transport has increased in recent years, while the share of light vehicles is declining. This category therefore contributes less to road wear, while that of heavy goods vehicles increases. They are the ones who contribute the most to the degradation of the network. ".

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