Block rejection of the fuel tax hike announced by Bruno Lemaire

News of the 23/06/2023

The road transport federations (TRM) are angry after discovering in the press that the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, plans to increase fuel taxation (TICPE) for several sectors, including their own. He invokes the financing of the ecological transition and claims to have the agreement of the employers' organizations of the TRM, which they formally deny.

They fear that this measure will lead to a reduction in the partial reimbursement of the former TICPE (which has become a fraction collected in mainland France on energy products, except natural gas and coal), but also a general increase in taxation, at local and national, which would weigh on the sector. "We have accepted the end of the partial reimbursement of the former TICPE in the Climate and Resilience law, but on condition that there is a sufficient supply of vehicles and refueling stations to renew our fleet of heavy goods vehicles". However, this offer will not exist before 2030 at best…

To prevent the road transport sector from being further weakened, the FNTR, the OTRE and the Union TLF are calling for an urgent meeting with Bruno LE MAIRE or his collaborators to discuss the evolution of the taxation of the TRM.

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