Carcept Prev launches an awareness campaign on welcoming drivers

News of the 27/10/2023

Faced with the lack of respect and consideration suffered by truck drivers at loading and unloading locations (particularly with regard to access to toilets), the Carcept Prev Foundation launched the Let's Respect the Truck Drivers operation. Its objective is to raise public awareness of the situation in this sector with a labor shortage, by broadcasting a spot on YouTube and LinkedIn.

According to an OpinionWay survey carried out for the Carcept Prev Foundation in 2022, only 14% of the 400 truck drivers surveyed saw an improvement after the Covid crisis. They denounce, among other things, the reduction in the number of roadside restaurants and the lack of secure parking for heavy goods vehicles.

To support this cause, the Carcept Prev Foundation has put the site online, which invites Internet users to put themselves in the shoes of a road driver for a day and to sign a petition on the site to improve their reception conditions.

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