Europe's driver shortage worries

News of the 08/10/2021

The lack of drivers is not limited to the UK which is making headlines: the whole of Europe is affected and has been for years.

The Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit have exacerbated the problem, so there is a shortage of 60,000 truckers in the United Kingdom. In Poland, the largest transporter in Europe where this activity represents 10% of GDP, companies in the sector are looking for 120,000 drivers. Across Europe, 400,000 positions are to be filled, of which 43,000 are in France.

And this is not without consequences, since companies increase the wages of their drivers to keep them. Salaries have therefore been revised upwards by 15% in the United Kingdom, almost 7% in Poland, etc. France will most certainly be impacted in the short term and overall price increases can be expected right down to store shelves.

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