Experimentation of 48 t in sugar beet campaigns: a project contested by the OTRE and the FNTR

News of the 09/06/2023

The sugar sector wishes to improve its competitiveness by using 48 t trucks instead of 44 t for the transport of beets. An experiment was launched at the end of 2021 in three French departments: Marne, Eure and Somme. Tests were carried out with Cerema, a public research and expertise body.

But road hauliers are not convinced by this initiative. They believe that 48 t trucks are not profitable or ecological. They also fear security problems, deterioration of roads and the image of the sector. In addition, they should renew all their equipment to switch to 48 t.

The FNTR and the OTRE, two professional organizations of road transport, therefore ask the Minister of Transport, Clément Beaune, to abandon this experiment. They do not want the 48 t trucks circulating during the sugar beet campaigns.

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