Explore careers in road transport on Saturday March 11

News of the 10/03/2023

The transport and logistics sector offers many employment and training opportunities for young people looking for future prospects. This Saturday, more than 4,000 work-study offers will be offered in Aftral training centres, CFAs and higher education institutions to allow young people to discover the professions in this booming sector.

Aftral, which has 125 training centers, will offer jobdating in its CFA, Isteli, ENSTV and EPT schools to allow young people to meet potential employers and apply for work-study offers. With a professional integration rate of more than 91% at the end of the training, young people who engage in the various sectors offered by Aftral have a good chance of finding a job upon leaving their training. Training areas include driving goods or passenger transport vehicles, operational logistics, order preparation, organization of national and international goods flows, and many more.

It should be noted that the training offered is accessible to people with disabilities thanks to a network of Aftral referents and a constant search for educational innovation to meet the specific needs of learners.

To find the CFA closest to you, just check the Aftral website . Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover the exciting professions of transport and logistics and embark on a promising career.

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