Fuels: employers' federations challenge Jean Castex

News of the 10/03/2022
Soaring diesel prices

The FNTR, OTRE and TLF have just sent a letter to Prime Minister Jean Castex to alert him to the financial situation of carriers with the surge in oil prices.

With a barrel price that has just exceeded $100 and should reach $350 according to recent projections, carriers have reason to be alarmed. We can thus read in the mail of the federations:

“The bill is getting heavier day by day and the legal or conventional repercussion mechanisms are no longer sufficient in a context where increases are daily.
The companies are bloodless, the treasuries empty and the outlook very bleak. These unprecedented increases have many carriers wondering about their ability to continue to carry out their transport mission without operating at a loss over the long term. Business failures will multiply.

They therefore require immediate support from the state via exemptions from charges. Knowing that the previous alerts have remained unanswered by the government, the federations hope to be received for this unprecedented situation.

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