HGV traffic: road blockages create a nightmarish day

News of the 24/03/2023

For some time, road blockages in France were mainly limited to strategic entrances to ports, logistics areas and city centers. However, experienced drivers have managed to find alternative routes around these hotspots. Unfortunately, the situation has taken a different turn in recent days, as piles of burning pallets and tires have invaded the main European transit axes, preventing the circulation of heavy goods vehicles.

Drivers have reported difficulties in Lussac-les-Châteaux (86 - the dam was lifted at noon), in Bellac (87), as well as on the N145 at Guéret, which is the extension of the RCEA towards the peninsula Iberian via the Creuse. These blockages create major problems for truckers, who cannot find alternate routes for 44-tonne vehicles.

Mandatory detours also force foreign drivers unfamiliar with the region to get lost in the French countryside. This situation is reminiscent of the era of the Yellow Vests, which also led to fatal accidents involving cars that crashed into stopped trucks.

The road blockages that are spreading in France are a source of concern for truckers, transport companies and local authorities, who are looking for solutions to minimize the consequences of these unfortunate events.

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