Iveco Group CEO expresses strong criticism of Euro 7 standard

News of the 31/03/2023

In a recent statement, Iveco Group CEO Gerrit Marx voiced his opposition to future Euro 7 emissions standards, calling them "dumb". According to Marx, the regulations currently proposed by the EU require reductions in emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter that are "technically unfeasible". He also pointed out that the effort required to meet these standards would be enormous and there would be no significant return on investment.

EU countries and parliamentarians will have to negotiate the proposed legislation this year, which should apply to cars and LCVs from July 1, 2025 and to coaches, buses and trucks two years later. In addition, the European Commission has proposed stricter CO2 limits for heavy-duty vehicles, requiring new trucks to reduce their emissions by 90% by 2040 and all new city buses to be zero-emissions. greenhouse effect from 2030. Debates on these proposals should continue in the months to come.

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