Man recalls trucks equipped with D26 Euro 6c engines due to fire risks

News of the 05/07/2024

Man, the truck and bus manufacturer, has launched a recall for vehicles equipped with Euro 6c type D26 76LF51-53 or D26 76LOH35-37 engines, built between November 2016 and August 2019. Euro 6d and Euro 6e models are not affected by this recall.

According to Man, in rare cases and under adverse conditions, these engines can suffer damage and fires after traveling between 400,000 and 500,000 km. This is due to the use of lead-free bearings, introduced to meet new regulatory requirements. These bearings are more susceptible to contamination and oil aging, which can lead to damage in several scenarios: failure to respect maintenance intervals, use of expired oils, improperly performed maintenance, overspeed, or even infiltration of cooling water in the engine oil.

To date, around 60,000 trucks, or 50% of affected vehicles, have already been inspected and processed. Since these engines were placed on the market, Man has recorded 170 cases of fire potentially linked to D26 engines, including 18 in 2024. Fortunately, only material damage has been reported.

Transporters are therefore invited to have their vehicles checked in Man workshops to avoid any risk of fire.

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