One in three trucks in violation on the A7 this Sunday

News of the 25/02/2022
Truck checks on the A7

Gendarmerie checks carried out this Sunday on the A7 revealed that one in three trucks did not have authorization to drive.

Only trucks transporting animals, fridges, etc. have the exemptions required to drive on Sundays on the motorways. But the gendarmes of the Chanas motorized platoon carried out checks at the Reventin-Vaugris toll and were surprised to find that a large number of drivers did not respect these rules.

The majority were foreign drivers who transported wood, pallets, drove empty. They were immobilized until 10 p.m. in the evening and had to pay a fine of €90.

As a reminder, the vehicles authorized to drive on Sunday are those:

  • Transporting live animals or other perishable foodstuffs.
  • Transporting agricultural products during the harvest period, beet pulp during the period of the beet campaign.
  • Carrying newspapers and the press.
  • Transporting equipment concerning the assembly and dismantling of installation of events being established the same day or the next day.
  • Transporting hydrocarbons or petroleum products.


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