Patrice Vergriete, former Minister of Housing, becomes the new Minister of Transport

News of the 09/02/2024

After a month of waiting, the ministerial reshuffle was completed yesterday evening. Among the new ministers, we find Patrice Vergriete, in charge of Transport. He thus leaves the Accommodation, where he had only stayed six months. This close friend of Emmanuel Macron is also mayor of Dunkirk, president of the Dunkirk urban community and the Côte d'Opale metropolitan center.

His appointment is welcomed by the CFTC Transports, which hopes to finally have a contact who is up to the challenges of the sector. The union wishes to discuss urgent subjects with him, such as loading-unloading rules, reception conditions for truck drivers, or even the salaries and purchasing power of transport employees. The employers' federations, for their part, recall the essential role of goods transport and logistics for the daily life of the French, regional planning and economic recovery.

TLF, which represents more than two million jobs, affirms that the sector is essential to achieve the objectives of full employment and reindustrialization. But it also highlights the difficulties encountered by companies, faced with increased European competition and a need for investment for their energy transition. OTRE, spokesperson for road transport, welcomes the creation of a delegated ministry, which will have to demonstrate firmness in the face of the current, very unstable economic, social and political situation. OTRE is concerned about the weak recovery in activity, while costs continue to soar, both for the transport of goods and passengers.

OTRE shares with TLF the concerns linked to the energy transition and the competitiveness of French road transport, threatened by trade imbalances and unfair competition from foreign flags. OTRE also denounces the lack of will of certain principals to increase the price of transport, which reduces the margins of professionals.

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