Platooning tests in Germany

News of the 16/07/2018

The companies MAN and DB Schenker in collaboration with a school of science are conducting a test of platooning since June 25 on the A9 motorway between Neufharn (Munich) and Nuremberg.

The platooning, or peleton in French, is to circulate several trucks in line that communicate with each other through a wireless communication CACC (Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control). The leading truck drives the following trucks: acceleration, deceleration, braking, etc.

The American manufacturer Volvo Trucks boasts for several years the benefits of platooning. Indeed, the trucks are close to each other, thus reducing the aerodynamic drag and thus the fuel consumption. Braking times are also significantly reduced.

For the moment, on the A9 motorway, the trucks run empty three times 145 km per day: they will be loaded with goods from August.

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