Protect your license: How to deal with license plate fraud?

News of the 14/06/2024

In ten years, cases of license plate theft have almost doubled, with more than 22,000 complaints in 2022. This fraud, known as “doublets”, risks causing victims to lose all their points. If you are a motorist and you are wrongly accused, it could threaten your job.

What to do ?Start by gathering evidence of your innocence and filing a complaint. Supporting evidence may include tickets or witness statements. With the receipt of the complaint, request a new registration certificate from ANTS, which is free and will issue you a new plate.

In the event of new fines, contest them individually without paying, as this would amount to admitting the offense. Attach the original of the notice of violation and the complaint receipt to your appeal. If the offense was recorded by a radar, ask for photos to prove the theft.

To combat this fraud, the 40 million motorists association supports a proposed law aimed at requiring a registration document and an identity document to obtain a license plate. This measure could greatly help prevent theft.

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