Road Conflict: Ministry refocuses debate on social dumping

News of the 27/09/2017

The mobilization launched by the trade unions of the road transport against the prescriptions Macron caused little blockages. The government remains "tuned in" but reframes the debate by inviting employers' and trade union organizations to exchange with the Ministry of Transport on 28 September on social dumping and unfair competition.

There is no question for the government to allow a shortage of fuel. In addition to a decree to avoid any eventuality, by allowing exceptions to rest and driving times for the transport of hydrocarbons, the police were mobilized to ensure that the call for a renewable strike launched by FO and the CGT from 25 September does not produce blockages. And indeed, in the middle of the afternoon, the situation was described as "normal" by the Minister of Transport, Élisabeth Borne.

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