Significant increase in the number of speed cameras for 2023

News of the 28/10/2022
Turret Radar

After a lull in 2022, the number of speed cameras on our roads should increase sharply in 2023 with the installation of 400 additional devices.

Thus, 200 autonomous radars will be installed on the major axes and 200 urban radars. The new devices called "turrets" are much more efficient than the old ones. They are equipped with a three-dimensional scanning laser capable of monitoring four lanes simultaneously, photographing forwards and backwards, spotting cars from trucks and thus controlling different speeds.

You should know that the radars will be 1500 in number but that 500 of them are 500 are decoys. These false radars have become very difficult to identify because the turret radars no longer flash.

In addition to all this, mobile speed cameras in unmarked cars will be fully privatized by 2024.

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