Tesla in very bad financial health

News of the 30/04/2018

Although the US group announces orders for both versions of its autonomous electric truck, Tesla has a heavy financial debt.

The manufacturer has at the moment accumulated at least 500 orders for the two versions of its autonomous truck (autonomy of 480 and 800 km). However, its debt would amount to more than $ 10 billion according to the Wall Street Journal and customers are reporting many delays in delivery.

John Thompson, a renowned Wall Street expert, predicts Tesla's bankruptcy before the end of 2018.

Its direct competitor, the group Nikola Motors which was until then rather discreet on the orders just announced that it would have accumulated 21 000 orders! His truck is however much more expensive (300 000 € against 146 000 € at Tesla) but has a range also greater (1 900 km against 800 km), which seems to be a decisive criterion in the choice of customers.

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