The A14 inaugurates the era of barrier-free tolling for the Paris-Normandy axis

News of the 21/06/2024

From Wednesday June 19, motorists using the first section of the Paris-Normandy axis, the A14, will benefit from free passage at the Montesson and Chambourcy tolls, thus linking La Défense to Orgeval without interruption. Sanef has set itself the objective of eliminating all toll barriers on the route from Paris to Caen by the end of 2024, thus offering a smooth 210 km journey without the need to stop for payment.

In practice, traditional toll booths are giving way to modern gantries, equipped with advanced sensors capable of detecting and identifying vehicles in circulation. The latter use either a radio signal for electronic toll badges, or cameras for license plate recognition, in order to calculate the amount due according to the category of vehicle (car, heavy goods vehicle, motorcycle) and the distance. traveled.

To pay for your journeys, holders of an electronic toll badge will continue to use it as usual. If not detected, an email notification will be sent to you the next day. For others, several options are available to you: pay by bank card on the Sanef website within 72 hours of your visit, associate an account with your license plate for automatic debit, or make payment at the Nirio partner tobacconists, by presenting your invoice.

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