The Euro 7 standard debated at the European Commission

News of the 18/11/2022
European Commission

The new Euro 7 standard will be applied to new trucks produced in 2027 and the first proposals are generating much debate.

Unlike previous standards, Euro 7 should not define the rate of CO² but the emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and fine particles. Thus, NOx emissions will have to decrease by 56% and fine particles by 39% compared to Euro 6.

This angers manufacturers, including Martin Lundstedt, CEO of the Volvo Group and President of ACEA: "To comply with Euro 7, truck manufacturers will have to shift technical and financial resources - dedicated to battery electric vehicles and fuel cell – to the heat engine. This will have a significant impact on our transition to zero-emission vehicles. It's not good for the climate, not good for people's health and not good for industry”.

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