The Fixang pliers, the invention of a Breton truck driver to no longer lose your straps

News of the 06/10/2023

It was a trucker who had the brilliant idea of creating the Fixang, a magnetic clamp for lashing straps which simplifies, optimizes and secures the loading of goods on a platform. Christophe Prier, the inventor of Fixang, filed his patent in 2020 and was rewarded with a gold medal at the 2022 Lépine Competition for his innovation. He was also able to introduce it to carriers during the FNTR congress.

The Fixang is a clip that attaches above the hook of the strap and prevents the strap from coming loose when thrown over the goods to be tightened on the other side with a ratchet. The Fixang holds thanks to two powerful magnets which cling to the metal frame of the trailer.

Christophe Prier founded his own company, Créations positives, to market his product. He is currently looking for resellers, while selling his stainless steel pliers, manufactured in France and in series, directly to carriers. The public price of Fixang is 29.90 euros per unit.

Christophe Prier has not abandoned his job as a truck driver. He continues to drive at night as a relay for Yvoir Transport, a company based in Pipriac (35) and belonging to the Groussard group, which employs nearly 100 drivers...

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