The French love road freight transporters!

News of the 24/06/2020

A survey shows that a very large majority of French people are in favor of the State granting financial aid to freight transporters.

While activity in the TRM profession has just fallen by 40% over the entire period April / June, the government is dragging on to massively help transport companies.

However, a survey by the independent Odoxa institute shows that 97% of French people believe that TRM has a vital role in the economy for the transport of articles to hospitals and essential goods (consumption, shops, etc.). 82% of them believe that the government should help these companies financially.

This is therefore in clear contradiction with the demeaning image that certain media convey in particular with regard to the environment. The FNTR hopes that the state, if it does not listen to the profession, will be more sensitive to the opinion of the French.

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