The transport sector on alert: Europe could lack 745,000 drivers in 2028

News of the 03/05/2024

The European transport industry is facing a bitter reality: a critical shortage of drivers that could reach 745,000 within four years, according to projections by the International Road Transport Union (IRU). Currently, the shortage stands at around 233,000 drivers, and the trend is increasing, mainly due to the imminent retirement of an aging generation. In fact, one in three drivers is now over 55 , and renewal is low, with only 5% of drivers under 25 .

Transport companies are expressing growing concern, with many already feeling the impact of this deficiency on their business. They are actively seeking solutions to attract and retain talent, in particular by improving working conditions and offering more attractive salaries.

The IRU also highlights the need for greater diversity within the profession, highlighting the low rate of women drivers. Efforts are being made in some countries to encourage greater inclusion, but much remains to be done to achieve balanced representation.

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