TICPE: government abandons its plan to lower the tax in 2024

News of the 08/09/2023

Carriers can blow. Bruno Le Maire, declared this Thursday morning on France Info that the TICPE would not be modified for them. "I'm not going to penalize them to preserve our competitiveness," he assured.

The day before, Elisabeth Borne's cabinet had received representatives of the FNTR, TLF and OTRE, who had expressed their refusal to see the rebate on the TICPE called into question in 2024, as had suggested... Bruno Le Maire .

At the end of this meeting, described as “frank, transparent and constructive” by the employers' organizations, hope was already perceptible. According to some sources, the Prime Minister's teams then claimed that they would not touch the TICPE for 2024. In the meantime, the climate and resilience law still provides for a reduction in the partial reimbursement of the TICPE by 2030. Transport stakeholders hope that this deadline will make it possible to find lasting solutions for companies in the sector.

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