TLF warns of complications of Brexit from January 1, 2022

News of the 13/12/2021
Complications of Brexit from January 1, 202

According to the union of transport and logistics companies in France, we have yet to see anything about the blockages between Europe and the United Kingdom.

As the TLF reminds us: “If on the European side, we have applied our regulations and put in place the controls since January 1st, this is still not the case on the Great Britain side. For almost a year, it has been compulsory to make a British pre-declaration before sending goods there, but the lack of means and places available has made compliance checks impossible ”.

Thus, from January 1, the United States will also establish control over 100% of inflows and outflows. European carriers must have a GMR (Goods Movement Reference) assets as of January 1, otherwise the English authorities will drive them to the border.

But according to the TLF, 75% of SMEs do not yet have this GMR and are not even aware of this obligation. What therefore does not at all fix the situation at the border at the beginning of the year.

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