Towards the legalization of 60 tonne trucks on the European road network

News of the 15/03/2024

The European Parliament took an important step by adopting the revision of the heavy goods vehicle directive, with a majority of 330 votes in favor . This reform favors the use of 44-tonne trucks and opens the possibility for 60-tonne and 25.25-meter trucks to circulate more freely, provided that member countries so wish.

Although Germany, Spain and Belgium already have regulations in place for these vehicles, the new directive would allow easier cross-border movement between consenting states. However, the European Council has yet to decide, and the text is subject to future negotiations.

The revision draws mixed reactions. Karima Delli, MEP, opposes this directive, fearing that France will come under pressure from neighboring countries to allow the passage of mega-trucks. On the other hand, supporters of the reform highlight the ecological benefits, such as the reduction in CO2 emissions per tonne transported, and the economic benefits, particularly in response to the shortage of drivers. The debate remains lively, particularly around the questions of competition with rail and the issues of platooning.

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