Trucks and buses: the European Parliament tightens CO2 standards

News of the 24/11/2023

The European Parliament approved the Commission's objectives to reduce CO2 emissions from heavy goods vehicles over 5 t: -45% in 2030 and -90% in 2040 compared to the 2019 level. Buses must be decarbonized from 2030 , except those who use biogas, who will benefit from a five-year period.

MEPs favored electric and hydrogen solutions, thus ruling out biogas (bioNGV), to the great dismay of local authorities in the West, who are mobilizing to ensure that bioNGV is recognized as a carbon-free solution. They point out that bioNGV is a mature sector and that they have invested massively in biogas distribution infrastructure.

During the mayors' meeting this week, they reiterated their call to promote bioNGV in the energy mix. They are supported by other communities and numerous players in the sector, who intend to influence the decisions of French and European leaders, before the final validation of CO2 standards for heavy goods vehicles and buses by Europe in the first quarter of 2024.

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