ZFE: How did the government soften its plan?

News of the 28/07/2023

The government is slowing down Low Emission Zones (ELZs). He recommends keeping the status quo in most of the agglomerations concerned.

Only five cities, Rouen, Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon and Marseille, will have to further limit access to their area from 2024, because they are too polluted with fine particles.

“We just enforce the law. Urban areas that meet the standards do not have to exclude Crit'Air 3 vehicles from 2025,” said Christophe Béchu, Minister for Ecological Transition, after a ministerial council on July 10.

The government is relying on "a constant improvement in air quality for several decades" to remove 37 territories from the ZFE system. These are agglomerations which comply with pollution limits and which, in the event of a problem, will (re)become EPZs subject to legal measures.

In the Greater Paris ZFE, for example, elected officials must block entry to heavy goods vehicles and LCV Crit'Air 3 but not to Crit'Air 2.

For carriers that travel between cities or cross the country, they will always have to adapt their fleet to the most stringent requirements.

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