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Happy new year 2018

News of the 02/01/2018

Kinatrans wishes you a very happy new year 2018 !

Prohibition of normal weekly rest in the cabin

News of the 02/01/2018

The European Court of Justice has ruled a dispute between the Belgian State Council and the Vaditrans transport company. Unlike the reduced weekly rest, normal weekly rest can not be taken in the cabin.

The European Commission will invest 1 billion euros in the freight transport network

News of the 18/12/2017

A public-private budget for a total budget of 4.5 billion euros is planned by 2030 for the redevelopment of the transport network.

Autonomous trucks

News of the 11/12/2017

Autonomous trucks: it's not for now ...

The electric truck of TESLA

News of the 04/12/2017

Last month, TESLA presented its new electric truck dubbed "Semi".

Increase in motorway tolls from 1 to 2% from 1 February 2018

News of the 27/11/2017

Tolls will experience a significant increase in tolls from February 1st.

Preparation for ISO 9001 certification

News of the 01/10/2017

Always concerned with improving the quality of its relationship with its customers, Kinatrans is accompanied for the audit of the ISO 9001 certification which will take place in 2018.

Road Conflict: Ministry refocuses debate on social dumping

News of the 27/09/2017

The mobilization launched by the trade unions of the road transport against the prescriptions Macron caused little blockages. The government remains "tuned in" but reframes the debate by inviting employers' and trade union organizations to exchange with the Ministry of Transport on 28 September on social dumping and unfair competition.

Large investment plan: € 2.8 billion for road and rail infrastructure

News of the 27/09/2017

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe yesterday unveiled a major investment plan for the next 5 years. The modernization of road and rail networks inherits € 2.8 billion.

Agreement between truck manufacturers: Scania fined € 880 million

News of the 27/09/2017

Final clash for the investigation of price agreements between truck manufacturers, carried out by the European Commission since 2011. Scania has just been fined € 880 million, the second biggest fine of the members of the cartel ".

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