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Total and Mol share their cards for fuel

News of the 04/03/2019

The Total and Mol group have just signed an agreement to mutually accept their fuel cards.

Generalization of aerodynamic trucks

News of the 25/02/2019

The European Parliament in Brussels recently passed a law allowing manufacturers to market trucks equipped with aerodynamic cabs by September 2020.

In Germany, foreign drivers must have the German minimum wage.

News of the 19/02/2019

The court in Cottbus (Brandenburg) has just confirmed that drivers doing the same job must have the same salary in Germany.

Lyon bans entry to Euro IV trucks from 1 January 2020

News of the 11/02/2019

Voted by the city council of the metropolis, Lyon has decided to ban the movement of Euro IV and Euro III trucks from 1 January 2020 and Euro V and Euro IV trucks in 2021.

Increase in the price of motorways

News of the 04/02/2019

As of February 1, the price of motorways increased from 1.86% to 1.97% according to the class of trucks.

Cost of degraded radars

News of the 28/01/2019

Since the beginning of the movement of yellow movements, 60% of the speed cameras have been degraded representing a cost of 513 million euros.

The government could come back on the limitation to 80 km / h

News of the 21/01/2019

To respond to the massive movement of yellow vests, the government does not exclude to return to a limitation of 90 km / h if the results are not demonstrated.

Trailers become invisible with Valeo!

News of the 14/01/2019

The French equipment manufacturer Valeo has just introduced its new XtraVue Trailer CES system from Las Vegas which allows to see through the trailers of trucks.

Happy new year 2019

News of the 08/01/2019

The whole Kinatrans team wishes you a happy new year 2019!

Google: delivery of packages by drone in Finland for 2019

News of the 08/01/2019

Google will deliver parcels in Europe through its Google Project Wing subsidiary. The first country will be Finland, which is known to be very innovative in new technologies.

The freezing of fuel taxes for carriers

News of the 17/12/2018

This was one of the main demands of the yellow vests: the non-increase of taxes on fuels. Emmanuel Macron has finally frozen these taxes for 6 months but this also concerns carriers.

Shortage of drivers worries the profession

News of the 10/12/2018

A survey conducted by Descartes Systems Group shows that 72% of global companies in the freight transport sector are primarily worried about not finding enough drivers for their business.

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