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Germany bans diesel truck traffic

News of the 03/12/2018

For the first time, Germany has banned the movement of Euro V trucks on a portion of the A40 motorway.

Italy launches into the electrified motorways

News of the 26/11/2018

Already in testing in Sweden, Italy is launching itself in the electrified motorways: the construction is scheduled for the end of 2019.

Electric and autonomous shuttles in Sweden

News of the 19/11/2018

The Swedish company DB Schenker has just started the actual tests of the 100% autonomous shuttles on the Jönköping site.

Nikola plans to release its autonomous hydrogen truck for 2022.

News of the 12/11/2018

The manufacturer Nikola Motor plans to release his truck Nikola Tre in 2022 with a range of level 5 (1600 km).

Germany: no more tolls for gas trucks

News of the 05/11/2018

From 1 January 2019, trucks equipped with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) engines will be exempted from tolls in Germany.

INDA football club looking for players

News of the 05/11/2018

Located in Védène, the INDA football club is looking for players

Prolongation of ovamounts for clean vehicles

News of the 29/10/2018

The overruns of incarnated in 2017 by the government, the deputies decided to extend the device under the draft budget law 2019.

Amazon departs from delivery companies

News of the 22/10/2018

Since this year, Amazon has launched a new policy for the delivery of its parcels: the company intends to manage the deliveries gradually in the United States and later in Europe.

New automatic gearbox for 19 tons

News of the 15/10/2018

During the Frankfurt Motor Show, Allison has unveiled a new 9-speed automatic transmission for 19 ton trucks for distribution.

Kinatrans at the "Salon des Entrepreneurs" !

News of the 11/10/2018

Last Tuesday, Kinatrans took part in the Entrepreneurs Fair held last Tuesday: an opportunity to meet young entrepreneurs.

The consequences of Brexit for carriers

News of the 08/10/2018

The establishment of an agreement between Europe and Great Britain becomes less and less obvious and a "hard" Brexit would have significant consequences for carriers.

Maintenance of bridges in France

News of the 01/10/2018

The collapse of the Genoa viaduct in Italy has sparked a wave of concern about the condition of all French bridges.

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