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Delivery men steal for one million euros worth of parcels

News of the 11/12/2019

Last Friday, deliverers of Chronopost company stole two vans filled with parcels whose value is estimated at one million euros.

Senate refuses new fuel taxes

News of the 04/12/2019

Last week, the Senate canceled the government's increase in fuel taxes.

Significant increase in the number of accidents at work in the transport of goods

News of the 26/11/2019

The number of work-related accidents increased by 7% between 2015 and 2017.

A new drone for heavy loads

News of the 18/11/2019

The company Volocopter has just developed a new drone capable of carrying heavy loads.

My super heavy permit in Nimes on Thursday, November 14th!

News of the 04/11/2019

Jobseekers will be granted training in the professional title Transport all vehicles Thursday, November 14 in Nîmes.

Switzerland on the road to hydrogen

News of the 29/10/2019

The private sector in Switzerland is pushing for the transport of goods to hydrogen.

Impossibility of controlling the weekly rest in the cabin.

News of the 21/10/2019

A note issued by the European Union undermines the law for the ban on cabin rest adopted by France, Germany, Belgium and Spain.

The AFT significantly increases its search for drivers

News of the 15/10/2019

The Agency for the Development of Vocational Training in Transport (AFT) is stepping up its research to address the lack of drivers in the profession

A French factory for the manufacture of batteries

News of the 07/10/2019

The European Airbus project plans to set up two plants in France and Germany by the end of 2019.

BioGNV vehicles are the most ecological

News of the 01/10/2019

A recent study has shown that bioGNV trucks are the most environmentally friendly even ahead of the electric ones.

Austria: Prohibition to leave the motorway to refuel

News of the 23/09/2019

For several years, the Tyrol region in Austria has been trying to reduce the number of trucks crossing the A12 and A13 motorways.

Higher fuel prices

News of the 18/09/2019

The Saudi Aramco oil complex in Saudi Arabia was attacked this weekend inevitably causing a sustainable increase in fuels.

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