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The French love road freight transporters!

News of the 24/06/2020

A survey shows that a very large majority of French people are in favor of the State granting financial aid to freight transporters.

European construction projects deemed too costly

News of the 17/06/2020

The European Court of Auditors has just published a report which points to the pharaonic cost of eight major European projects such as the Lyon-Turin rail tunnel for example.

New GPS for truck drivers

News of the 09/06/2020

Garmin has just launched a new range of GPS for truck drivers.

New mandatory labeling for truck tires

News of the 03/06/2020

The European Commission will adopt a new label which must appear on the tires sold to equip trucks.

Collective action against insurers

News of the 26/05/2020

Insurers have unanimously refused to compensate for operating losses with their transport customers, even those who have taken out insurance covering this loss: collective action is being taken by a firm to try to obtain it.

New technology to combat theft of goods

News of the 18/05/2020

The company WABCO has just developed a new technology which makes it possible to fight against the theft of goods with the cutting of tarpaulins.

Exceptional authorization to drive on public holidays in May

News of the 11/05/2020

Three orders have just been published to adapt the 2015 order for the lifting of containment.

End of the derogation for driving times

News of the 01/05/2020

Established at the start of containment for a period of one month, the derogation from the times of the pipes is no longer applicable.

Ban on cabotage for six months?

News of the 24/04/2020

The ORE has just asked the Secretary of State for Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebarri, to ban cabotage for six months.

Bosch technology for 2022 that will detect driver fatigue

News of the 16/04/2020

Bosch has just announced that they are developing a new technology to detect driver fatigue, it will be able to be fitted to standard trucks from 2022.

A map for truckers to view open rest areas

News of the 10/04/2020

The state has ordered and posted a map on Bison Futé so that truckers can easily see open areas and the services they offer.

Drivers: watch out for false police during the confinement period

News of the 02/04/2020

In a rest area in Pas-de-Calais, two false police officers attempted to make a driver pay a fine of € 100 to a driver who did not have his professional travel certificate.

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