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Automatic weighing of trucks

News of the 10/09/2019

CEREMA is experimenting with a new overload detection system for trucks, with commissioning scheduled for 2021.

Brexit preparation in Calais

News of the 05/09/2019

The probability of a hard Brexit is more and more likely, which is why Calais is doing a dress rehearsal for truck flow management.

Revision of the training for the driving license

News of the 26/08/2019

A decree of July 16, 2019 has just brought its share of modifications to the one of December 22, 2009 on the driving training, in particular on the number of hours of simulator and the minimum distance to go.

Anniversary of the three-point belt

News of the 22/07/2019

Major invention in road safety: the three-point belt is 60 years old this year.

Suspension of license when using the mobile phone

News of the 15/07/2019

The law of orientation of the mobilities brings a novelty in certain cases of uses of the mobile phone with the consequence of the withdrawal of the driving license.

Alliance between Renault-Nissan and Google

News of the 09/07/2019

Renault-Nissan and Google become partners for autonomous vehicle research.

Significant changes to the alternating traffic in Paris and other metropolises

News of the 01/07/2019

Following the heat wave last week, the government announced major changes to the traffic control.

Adoption of the LOM

News of the 24/06/2019

The Mobility Orientation Law (LOM) was adopted last week by a large majority.

Heavy Goods Cartel: Customer Refund

News of the 17/06/2019

Following a complaint from thousands of customers, the court has ordered the cartel of heavy goods to pay back customers.

Regulation of cabin rest in LCVs

News of the 11/06/2019

The LREM group has just proposed an amendment to prohibit sleeper cabs type nasturtium in light commercial vehicles.

Towards new ecological regulations for motorway companies

News of the 03/06/2019

The Mobility Orientation Bill (LOM) provides for new obligations for motorway concessionaires for ecological purposes.

Truck traffic under the Channel Tunnel drops 12%

News of the 27/05/2019

Following the announcement of the Brexit that was planned for the month of March, a decrease in traffic of 12% was recorded in April.

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