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European Commission helps carriers

News of the 25/03/2020

The European Commission wants the flow of goods trucks to be streamlined across the continent: it has taken two orders for this which will be applied for a month.

Germany partially closes its borders with France

News of the 18/03/2020

Since Monday 8:00 am, Germany has closed its borders to all vehicles that are neither freight carriers nor posted workers.

Truck Thieves Gang Finally Arrested

News of the 12/03/2020

Following four years of investigation, police in several countries have arrested 37 members of a criminal organization specializing in the theft of cargo from moving trucks.

200,000 trees planted by FLO Palettes

News of the 02/03/2020

The FLO Palettes group, which has existed for seven years, has just celebrated the planting of its 200,000th tree.

Vienna: ban on trucks without blind spot sensor

News of the 26/02/2020

This is a first, the Austrian capital has just implemented a law prohibiting the movement of trucks over 7.5 tonnes without electronic blind spot assistant from April 15.

Nikola is developing a battery with 1,300 km of autonomy

News of the 17/02/2020

This is an announcement just made by the largest manufacturer of electric trucks, but it will only be visible at the Nikola World conference at autonomous 2020.

A new container ship with sails

News of the 07/02/2020

The French company Neoline has just developed a new container ship with sails which saves between 80 and 90% of fuel for a crossing of the Atlantic.

Hydrogen is not a green fuel ... yet

News of the 30/01/2020

At a time of ecological transition, it is clear that hydrogen does not share the same enthusiasm as electric in transport. What's the cause ?

Measures in favor of carriers

News of the 23/01/2020

The Secretary of State for the Economy Agnès Pannier-Runacher announced this January 21 measures in favor of carriers following the losses accumulated because of strikes.

Alarming situation in Corsica

News of the 15/01/2020

Following the strike by the sailors of La Méridionale, hundreds of trailers of goods are immobilized at quay: the shelves of stores are emptying in Corsica.

A revolutionary new patent to capture 90% of CO₂ emitted by trucks

News of the 06/01/2020

Researchers from EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) have developed a new process to capture CO₂ directly in the exhaust pipe and transform it into liquid.

Transporters request financial support from the state

News of the 19/12/2019

With the prolongation of the strikes, the carriers draw up a worrying balance sheet in terms of their cash flow and ask the state to take exceptional measures to support them financially.

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